It all started in 2014 when I was living in a wonderful town called Byron Bay.

One day I found myself restless as I usually do when I haven't been creative in a while, and found a three day silversmithing course in a town nearby. I went there and tried it and I think it was love at first touch. 

The feeling of smithing is something different. It is so raw yet so delicate and for the first time I felt that I had the patience to go on until the result was as I wanted. Might sound a bit cheesy but that was it for me. 

I went home, got all the basics tools and started experimenting in my kitchen. 

Since then I've just kept on exploring, trying different techniques, attending courses in different methods and I have allowed myself to fail. So many times. 


As always all Wretlund-Studio Jewellery is sourced and produced in Stockholm, Sweden. All the designs are made by me and crafted with recycled materials by hand. Silver has always been a core material of the brand but as time has past solid gold has also been introduced into the collections pieces. 

I'm so grateful and glad that you want to follow my journey and your support means everything. 


All my love,