Story test

Wretlund studio started as wretlund silver back in 2016. Between low tides and high tides a feeling for hand craftsmanship crept and lingered in the mental.  awaiting the next wave a natural pursuit of new knowledge and education led our main/head designer to take upon herself to play with one of earths most loved materials, sterling silver. 

After attending a silversmithing course in Australia the love was real for getting gritty and the hard work behind finalizing jewels felt as natural as the waves rolling in. The connection to making, shaping and expressing emotions, ______ and ____ became a clear lifestyle choice. 

As always all Wretlund-Studio Jewellery is sourced and produced in Stockholm, Sweden. All the designs are made in-house and crafted with recycled materials by hand. Silver has always been a core material of the brand but as time has past solid gold has also been introduced into the collections pieces.